Other articles

Exhibition catalogues:

Designing Information before Designers: Print for Everyday Life in the Nineteenth Century, with Paul Stiff and Mike Esbester (University of Reading, 2010)

Other articles:

• ‘The Thames Tunnel,’ Victorian Review 38: 1 (2013): 15-17

• ‘Pripyat and the death of the city,’ Stadt Bauwelt 48 (2010): 14-19

Encyclopaedia of Consumption and Waste, contributing author (Sage, 2010)

• ‘Designing information before designers,’ with Paul Stiff and Mike Esbester, Baseline 58: 5 (2010): 6-11

• ‘The Victorian origins of information design,’ with Paul Stiff and Mike Esbester, Grafik 184 (2010): 47-51

• ‘Designing information for Victorian London’s cab passengers,’ Ultrabold: the Journal of St Bride Library 7 (2009): 4-9

Phaidon Compendium of Graphic Design, contributing author (Phaidon, 2009)

• ‘Designing information for everyday life, 1815-1914,’ with Paul Stiff and Mike Esbester, Ephemerist 141 (2008): 7-13

Book reviews:

• G. A. Bremner, Imperial Gothic: Religious Architecture and High Anglican Culture in the British Empire 1840-1870 (Yale University Press, 2013), Visual Culture in Britain 15: 3 (2014): 372-74

• Michelle Allen, Cleansing the City: Sanitary Geographies in Victorian London (Ohio University Press, 2008), Technology and Culture 49: 4 (2008): 1055-57

• Jamie Benedickson, The Culture of Flushing: a Social and Legal History of Sewage (UBC Press, 2007), Technology and Culture 49: 1 (2008): 284-85

Published conference papers:

• ‘A Victorian ironworld: cast iron, ornament and Brighton,’ in Nuts & Bolts of Construction History: Culture, Technology and Society, vol. 2, ed. Robert Carvais (Picard, 2010), pp. 565-72.

• ‘Rational, magical or monstrous spaces? Press responses to London’s main drainage system, 1865-68,’ in Monsters and the Monstrous: Myths of Enduring Evil, ed. Niall Scott (Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2007)

• ‘Representation and power? Constructing London’s main drainage system,’ in Studies in Urban History 31, ed. Lars Nilsson (Institute of Urban History, 2007)

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